Creo J-Link Running Program

It took me a while to decipher the user guide to get my first Hello World application working; it could be that i am not normally a Java programmer.
However here is the process that I am happy with that runs a J-Link program, it uses the source from my Engr.Creo.Jlink.LaunchPane tool.

These lines need to be added to your config pro:

jlink_java_command C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe
protkdat C:/temp/LaunchPane/protk.dat

jlink_java_command points towards your JRE and doesn't use the internal Java shipped with Creo (which i couldn't get working); in this case I am using JRE 7. If Java's bin directory is in your system path, you can shorten this to jlink_java_command java
protkdat points towards your application's protkdat.dat file.


This file contains all the information creo needs to launch the program.

name     Engr.Creo.Jlink.LaunchPane
startup  java
java_app_class  LaunchPane
java_app_classpath C:/temp/LaunchPane/
java_app_start  start
java_app_stop   stop
allow_stop      true
delay_start     false

The user guide details what each of these are, the important entry for me was the java_app_classpath this avoids needing to put this folder in the systems CLASSPATH.


Creo should now load the J-Link program on startup, if you set delay_start false then its loaded but not started. You can then start it via the Auxiliary Applications menu.