Creo String to Integer or Real Number Relation

I recently needed a method for converting a string parameter to an integer in Creo. So I created a script to generate a (rather long) relation »

PowerShell and Creo

PowerShell can be used to talk to COM objects, here is a simple async connection example: PS C:\temp> $async = New-Object -ComObject pfcls.pfcAsyncConnection PS »

Creo APIs

This is the start of information that I have gathered about the various Creo APIs. Visual Basic API This may be called the Visual Basic API »

Creo J-Link Pane Launcher

I have created a customisable J-Link that adds a pane (see screenshot) with an embedded web page inside it. The web page is fully compatable with »

Creo J-Link Running Program

It took me a while to decipher the user guide to get my first Hello World application working; it could be that i am not normally »