Creo J-Link Pane Launcher

I have created a customisable J-Link that adds a pane (see screenshot) with an embedded web page inside it. The web page is fully compatable with the Web.Link API, so it can be used to create custom tools/infomation pages.


If you want to compile the files they are available on github, and use Java SDK 6 described in Creo J-Link Compiling

If you don't want to there is a released binary also available on github releases.


Copy the files into a folder, i am using C:/temp/ for this example.

First change the java_app_classpath location in the protk.dat file to your directory.

name     Engr.Creo.Jlink.LaunchPane
startup  java
java_app_class  LaunchPane
java_app_classpath C:/temp/LaunchPane/
java_app_start  start
java_app_stop   stop
allow_stop      true
delay_start     false

As per Creo J-Link Running Program, change the protkdat location to your folder, And revise the location of your java executable.

jlink_java_command C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe
protkdat C:/temp/LaunchPane/protk.dat

Finally update the file with your desired locations.


Then run your application as per Creo J-Link Running Program