Creo Solid Export Mapkeys

This post details how to export solid files (parts and assemblies) using mapkeys.
They all rely on the reset-loc mapkey shown in Creo Mapkeys, so this needs to be in your config file also.
They also output to a specified folder {DIRECTORY}, this needs to be created before these are run.

Output STEP File (.stp)

This saves a STEP (.stp) file with the filename of the original part to the specified directory:

The directory has to be in the working directory. Note the calls to reset-loc before and after.

Output IGES File (.igs)

Type Options

Here are the option types for each file type:

Creo View (*.ed): db_1007
Creo View (*.edz): db_1011
Creo View (*.pvs): db_1101
Creo View (*.pvz): db_1102
IGES (*.igs): db_134
VDA (*.vda): db_136
DXF (*.dxf): db_137
Neutral (*.neu): db_198
STEP (*.stp): db_539
PATRAN (*.ntr): db_540
Cosmos (*.ntr): db_541
Stereolithography (*.stl): db_549
Inventor (*.iv): db_551
Wavefront (*.obj): db_552
Render (*.slp): db_553
SuperTab (*.unv): db_556
VRML (*.wrl): db_557
DWG (*.dwg): db_560
TIFF (*.tif): db_563
JPEG (*.jpg): db_566
ECAD IDF (*.emn): db_569
EDMD (*.idx): db_570
ECAD Lib IDF (*.emp): db_573
EPS (*.eps): db_582
TIFF (Snapshot) (*.tif): db_585
Optegra Vis (*.gbf): db_810
Medusa (*.asc): db_811
XPatch (*.facet): db_812
Shrinkwrap: db_813
ACIS File (*.sat): db_816
Parasolid (*.x_t): db_837
PDF (*.pdf): db_922
PDF U3D (*.pdf): db_923
U3D (*.u3d): db_924
Picture (*.pic): db_129
Zip (*.zip): db_9000