EDF Update #1

I have made some progress on the robot codenamed EDF. The main chassis parts have been made by Shapeways. The 3D can be viewed @ github. Here »

Antweight Tyres Attempt #1

This is my first attempt at creating antweight tyres. Method It was printed by i.materialise using the Rubber-like material. Results Unfortunately while the material is »

Antweight Wheel Options

In this post I will detail the options that I have identified for creating my custom Antweight wheels. These are: Hub + Bonded Grip Hub + Moulded Tyre »

Creo String to Integer or Real Number Relation

I recently needed a method for converting a string parameter to an integer in Creo. So I created a script to generate a (rather long) relation »

PowerShell and Creo

PowerShell can be used to talk to COM objects, here is a simple async connection example: PS C:\temp> $async = New-Object -ComObject pfcls.pfcAsyncConnection PS »